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The Agony of Modern Manners

Aussie Comedy Kingdom
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'Featuring the nation's favourite Aunts and Uncles this multi award-winning series returns for its fourth incarnation - The Agony of Modern Manners. With the Aunts and Uncles back in their favourite lounges they are ready to be cross-examined about being caught in the crossfire of the do's and the don'ts of modern manners. From the office, to weddings, to home life and beyond, this team of experts will instruct us on what is etiquette, what is rudeness, what is right and wrong! With society becoming more complicated by the day, the Aunts and Uncles are standing by to guide us through the chaos so we can behave or quite possibly misbehave accordingly.'

It just keeps getting better and better! Actor and comedian Adam Zwar is back for this, the fourth series from the Agony collection – The Agony of Modern Manners. And this series is probably the best one yet!

In the follow up to Agony Uncles, Agony Aunts and The Agony of Life, Australia’s funniest and brightest comedians and media personalities discuss being caught in the crossfire of modern manners. Whether it’s the home, the office, online, travelling or having dinner, the team of experts show us how to behave, misbehave and what it feels like to be on the receiving end of both.

This series features some of Australia’s best comedians, actors and media personalities: Chrissie Swan, Dave O’Neil, Ella Hooper, John and Tom Elliott, Hannah Gadsby, Jess Harris, Julia Zemiro, Kate Langbroek, Lally Katz, Lawrence Mooney, Leah Purcell, Matt Okine, Mirka Mora, Rob Carlton, Ronny Chieng, Sam Lane, Sam Pang, Stella Young, Stephen Curry, Steve Vizard, Tim Ross and Yumi Stynes.

The DVD contains all 6 episodes from the series as they were originally broadcast on ABC1 earlier this year;
- The Manners of Work
- The Manners of Home
- The Manners of Being Online
- The Manners of Travel
- The Manners of Dining
- The Manners of Weddings & Funerals

As a bonus, the DVD also contains two excellent special features. One is a shortened version of the festive season that aired late last year – The Agony of Christmas, and some bonus responses to some of the best questions featured throughout the series.

If you enjoyed any of the 3 previous seasons from Zwar and all the Aunts and Uncles, then you will definitely enjoy this brand new series. Even if you caught the show during its broadcast on ABC1, it’s still really enjoyable to watch it again, and again!

The Agony of Modern Manners can be purchased on DVD NOW!

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