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Previous Winners

Lewis Spears Death Threats Don't Scare Me (courtesy of Via Vision)
Winners - Alanah Shields, Kim Louise, Natalia Frisby, Geoff Ladbury, Sharon Coleman

Night School Advance Screening Pass (courtesy of Universal)
Winners - David Leivesley, Kerry Featherstone, Natalie Skinner, Jackie Reavie, Karli Sample

Johnny English Strikes Again Double Pass (courtesy of Universal)
Winners - Steven Lawson, Shane Lane, Beth Hawkins, Sam Barrett, Eve Brown

Sando (courtesy of Acorn Media)
Winners - Greg Black, Kerry Robinson, Laura Kingston, Lee Wright, Marie Stephens

Brothers' Nest Advance Screening Pass (courtesy of Label)
Winners - Margaret Diebert, Jayne Kavanagh, David Leivesley

That's Not My Dog! (courtesy of Transmission Films)
Winners - Olivia Brown, Karly Scott, David Tilley, Steve Sampson, Kath James

Duckman Complete Series (courtesy of Via Vision)
Winners - Lindsay Bryant, Shae Vidler, Neil Breust, Elissa Conlan

Classic Comedy Legends - Pack 4 (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Julie Scott, Jess Johnson, Norman Lawson, Trish Bevan, Doug O'Leary

Classic Comedy Legends - Pack 3 (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Andy Ford, Jane Prout, Kim Brett, Ahmad Sun, Lisa Cole

Classic Comedy Legends - Pack 2 (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Stephen Roberts, Ian Robertson, Rosie Banks, Paul Taylor, Dani O'Keefe

Classic Comedy Legends - Pack 1 (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Tony White, Lola Whitten, Joan Tucker, Dave King, Caitlyn Phillips

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