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2016 Giveaway Winners

Frontline Complete Collection (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Belinda Rumley, Tanya Schuman, Matt Young, Jayne Millar, Sally Berry

The Best Bits of The Late Show (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - James McCubbin, Dave Nash, Kylie Christopher, Adrian Mayer, Suzana Crang

Aardman: 40th Anniversary Collection (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Kate Collins, Sasha Robertson

Upper Middle Bogan Series 3 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Mike Heath, Hamish Griffin, Celia Maddinson, Courtney Cook, Lauren East

Keanu (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Doug Lingard, Stephen Coombe, Kit Carneagle, Ben Taylor, Julie Delport, Nerolie O'Neil, James Good, Justin Rubean, Kelly McGrath, Anthony Black

Soul Mates Series 1-2 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Tracey Murray, Rhonda Roberts, Karl Spencer

Outback Truckers Season 4 (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Lorraine Sharp, Tracee Rye, Glenn Trout

Spin Out Double Pass (courtesy of Sony Pictures Australia)
Winners - Glenn White, Andy Manning, Julie Barnes, Mandy Graham, Mary Cole

Creature Comforts Series 1-2 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Judith McInerney, Tyson Robertson, Darryl Booth, Norman Geoghehan, Leah Braid

Wallace and Gromit The Collection (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Rebecka Mullock, Benjamin Blanksby, Teddy Crawley, Carol Bryce, Adriana James

Toast Of London Series 3 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Samuel Dean, Sarah Wolter, Jill Downey, Brooklyn Wilson, James Hannon

David Brent: Life On The Road Double Pass (courtesy of Entertainment One Australia)
Winners - Emma Gauthier, Chris Foster, Dianne Awer, Gayle Levi, Paul Hilton

Rake Series 4 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Marnie Gale, Angela Gore, Bradley Warner, Shaun McCormick, Brooke Jackson

Entertainment (courtesy of Reel DVD)
Winners - Stuart Pace, Alex Detageouwa, Chas Notman, Jennifer Smith, Tony Kidd

The Games Series 1-2 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Nerida Morphett, Lucy Morris

Grimsby (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Rosie Cockril, Kerri Ramage, Courtney Horrocks, Sophie Lynch, Daniel Finch, Jordan Hay, Sherri Dillon, Georga Barnard, Justin Thompson, Will Edwards

ABC Comedy Showroom (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Jimmy Downing, Harri Spencer, Kathy McRae, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Kym Adkins

Ballers Season 1 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Josephine Clarke, Phillip Sinclair, Kellie Palmer, Joel Moss, Barb Fielder

The Katering Show Series 1-2 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winners - Tiffanie Day, Gary Saxton, Rob Dewey, Logan Woods, Mary Randall

Luke Warm Sex (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winner - Kym Farrell

Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery Series 1-4 (courtesy of ABC DVD)
Winner - Sam Keane

Silicon Valley Season 2 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winner - Luke Minter

Here Come The Habibs (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winner - Karah Startos

Black Comedy Series 2 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Cameron Dolton, Tony Dipple, Kim Bell

Togetherness Season 1 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Florence Crane, Isaac Shaw, Frances Horsley

Brand A Second Coming (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Pauline Campbell, Denis Peterson, Tammy Chang

Broad City Season 1 (courtesy of Roadshow Entertainment)
Winners - Sharon True, Matthew Browne, Thomas Almond

Deep Web (courtesy of Transmission Films)
Winners - Toby Pretty, Karen Gunton, Wendy Gaskell, Wilma Lockett, Brandan Hicks

Ben Collins: Stunt Driver (courtesy of Transmission Films)
Winners - Naomi Phillips, Doug Boysen, Grant Williams, Scott Merchant, Rebekah Welley

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